Solar Eclipse Info.

**The eclipse glasses purchased by the Grady County BOE for students to wear during the upcoming solar eclipse were not certified by the manufacturer. Therefore, students will be unable to go outside to view the eclipse as planned next Monday. Instead, teachers will provide live streaming of the eclipse in the classrooms.

** If you would like to view the eclipse with your child at home, they must be signed out between 11:30-12:00.

**The school day will be extended and dismissal is at 3:45.

Challenger Learning Center field trip

Hello everyone!

Second grade would like to take a field trip to Challenger Learning Center in the Fall to experience a 3 hour simulation, which would include a space mission simulator, STEM activity, planetarium show and IMAX movie. The cost per student would be approximately $20.00. We do not want this field trip to be a hardship for any family.

We are looking for your help to defray the cost! Are any of you aware of businesses who may help sponsor this trip? We are open to any and all suggestions you may have!

This would be an extremely beneficial field trip to our second graders with hands-on activities that directly relate to our curriculum standards.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mrs. Fowler’s Homeroom

Math-We have been working in Module 1-Understanding tens and ones. We will be testing over this next week. Please remember that math homework is assigned every night, Mon-Thurs.
ELA-Next week, we will begin using our reading textbooks. Our first story is called David’s New Friends. Please look for the spelling and vocabulary words sheet that will be in a plastic see-through sleeve in the Reading section of the H.E.R.O binder.
Science-We will be including discussions and activities about the sun and moon as we prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse.

Super Hero of the Week, Aug. 14-18: Caden Corbin


Monday Ms. Stewart’s homeroom went to the library, and tomorrow, Mrs. Nelson’s homeroom will go. We have still not STAR tested, so at this point, I’m having students check out books on a second grade level. I realize some are reading above a second grade level; however, please bear with me until we can get everyone tested. Thank you so much for your understanding! 🙂


Tonight your child should read our anchor text, Henry and Mudge, and complete the vocabulary worksheet. Please sign on one of the signature lines that you have read the story. (This sheet can be found in the front cover of your child’s yellow homework folder.

We will test sometime next week. I will notify you of the date when it is definite.

Today we worked through directions for our Spelling literacy center, made predictions for our anchor text, and introduced our vocabulary words.

Please ask your child to “teach you” something he/she has learned at some point this week! 🙂

Mrs. Fowler’s Homeroom

We are off to a great start so far! Students took home their H.E.R.O. binders yesterday for the first time. These will be taken home every night and include both math and reading homework (Mon.-Thurs.) and also work/special notices. Please look for your child’s H.E.R.O. binder each afternoon. In reading, we are beginning the year with a unit on fables this week. In math, we are focusing on place value-tens and ones. I am also evaluating each student on sight word recognition, math facts, and work habits so we can provide help in any needed areas.

Super Hero of the Week: Zychristian Bailey